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ros_awards's Journal

Roswellian Awards
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All Members , Moderated
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This is an icon community awarding the best Roswell icons!
mods rosweldrmr, taperjeangirl and like_statues

01. All icons nominated must fit LJ standards (40kb max and 100 x 100 or less).
02. You may nominate up to four icons by the same icon maker (even yourself).
03. You may nominate up to four icons per category.
04. If you nominate in more than 3 categories please put it under an lj-cut (if you dont know how to lj-cut, refer to this page.)
05. Icons that won in the past cannot be nominated for the same category again for 2 months. Past winners will be archived so please try and nominate different icons, especially if they've won before.
06. Before nominating an icon please let the icon maker know you are nominating their icon here.
07. Please don't start nominating until the new category is announced.
08. If you nominate you must vote
09. Please try to vote for every category
10. Please do not vote for your own icon (regardless of who nominated it)
11. Do not bash an icon maker or their icon
12. If you want an icon that's been nominated, credit or ask the icon maker
13. Please nominate for as many categories as you can
14. Do not nominate an icon in a category that it has already been nominated in for that week. It can only go into voting once in that category.

Off the Menu: Best Overall Icons, animated or still

Chant Down Babylon: Text-Based Icons (quotes,lyrics or any other text)

Sexual Healing: Couples and 'Ship Icons

Leaving Normal: Best Actress/Best Actor icons

Heat Wave: Best use of color

Viva Las Vegas: Funny Icons (Animated or Still)

Monsters: Icons featuring the 'Bad Seeds' (the skins, alien hunters, the dupes, etc)

Four Square: Best Cropping

Cry Your Name: Emotional Icons (any emotion but funny)

Missing: Textless Icons (Non Animated)

The White Room: Black and White Icons

We Are Family: Family/Friendship Themed Icons

Skin and Bones: Best Human Icon (no aliens at all) -- Liz and Kyle are okay even though they have powers because technically they are still human.

Four Aliens and a Baby : Best Alien Icon (no humans at all)

Control: Best Majandra Delfino icon

Destiny: You CAN'T nominate for "Destiny"!! It's MOD's choice.

Copy and Pasteable Nominating code:

++ Roswell icons here and here and here and here and here

Monday - Friday: Nominating
Saturday - Sunday: Voting
Sunday - Monday: Winners announced

+Banners can be found here.

+This was inspired by communities like Lost awards

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